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Unparalleled Quality

Choosing to offer just one brand of a product is a serious endeavor. It takes confidence in knowing there is simply nothing better in the World today. Herm Sprenger makes this decision easy. From their quality control, to their materials to their methods of production: no other bits, stirrups, spurs or fittings come close to duplicating the unparalleled quality Herm Sprenger has been offering for over 140 years.

Motivated by You

Herm Sprenger is in a constant state of innovation, development and improvement. Guided by their willingness to listen to both horse and rider, Herm Sprenger is the industry leader in combining decades of know-how with break-throughs in scientific research. Each product development is made with the well-being of the consumer in mind: from your safety in the stirrup to nothing but the best in your horses mouth.


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