Effol, Effax & Hey Sport


The  complete range of Effol care products guarantees the well-being of your  horse.  All products are processed using only pharmaceutical grade  ingredients; making Effol and Effax extremely skin and coat compatible.   Friendship does indeed take care.


The  extensive Effax leather care range ensures that your leather equipment  is always perfectly cleaned and cared for. The combination of  popular,  well-tried and newly developed products provides you with optimum care.


Winter can be especially hard on leather.  Extra moisture and extreme fluctuation in temperatures can cause leather to crack.  Even when your leather gets a chance to dry (like in a heated tack room)  mildew can become a concern.  To combat this, make sure to wipe down your leather with a clean, damp cloth.  Then follow up with Effax -- the Leather Cream Soap is a great one-step that can be used without water to gently clean and rehydrate leather and the Leder Combi+ cleans while adding a mildew preventative!

And don't forget that salt is leather enemy #1 !  Add salt from wintery roads and sidewalks and it's more than the natural salts from sweat.  Be sure to wipe away residual sweat (and slush!) to make sure your leather lives to see the spring thaw!

Hey Sport!

With  every fiber of their being, equestrian sport enthusiasts pursue their  passion.  And HEY SPORT® is dedicated to taking care of the fibers that  take care of you and your horse.  Protect those breathable fibers from  water, wind and dirt with specifically designed formulas; geared at  extending the life of your expensive equipment. 

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