Enter at 2018

As we start making our way into 2018, let us first remember that health beats good fortune. Most of the things that add stress to our lives are what I like to call “quality problems”… meaning that if we have our health, with help we can manage the daily stressors that may seem insurmountable at the time. And let’s face it, horse problems are quality problems. We are blessed to share our lives with a creature who doesn’t care if they go Grand Prix or wins the race or is the best dressed. They care about food. And probably shelter and maybe companionship. As their guardians, our purpose is to manage their welfare. And in doing so, along with the joy and pleasure they bring to us, stressors or problems are bound to occur. So in the spirit of a New Year’s plan (apparently resolutions are so last year), Big Red Mare Equestrian would like to start visiting the how-to’s of managing a horsey life. Bring it on 2018!