Tools of the Trade

haas Tools of the Trade

Tradition, Quality and Dedication

Since 1919, HAAS has been manufacturing horse grooming tools in the Black Forest of Germany. And while machinery may have taken the place of the heavy lifting, dedicated employees still process and oversee the precision it takes to create the World’s finest brushes and curries.

Only the Best Materials

Attention to detail begins with the use of quality materials during the manufacturing process. Natural bristles and components are carefully disinfected through a boiling process to kill any germs. Brush handles made of plastics are based on Kautschuk rubber to avoid harmful pollutants. All HAAS brushes made of these special materials can be disinfected and washed.

Products Made for You

Each brush and curry that HAAS makes is designed with a purpose. From curries designed to gently removed the toughest mud, to stiff bristled brushed made to remove embedded dirt, to lambswool finishing brushes which give the highest sheen; HAAS has a brush for you. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes.