Fleck Feldmann Classic Dressage Whip




The original Fleck Feldmann whip: a whip for all riders.  Developed in conjunction with renowned trainer, Walter Feldmann, this whip’s secret to balanced precision is in the divided handle.  Held in many different positions, the feldmann enables each rider to grasp the whip according to preference and specific use.  grip the top knob for optimum range, the bottom for optimum balalnce or use as a touchier whip for ground exercises.  The Feldmann whip is where form meets function.  Black with wooden balalnce handles.  Nylon-woven covered fiberglass shaft.  Avialble in 110-120 cm. lengths including lash.  USDF and FEI approved lengths.

Made in Germany.

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110 cm., 120 cm.


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