Horse S Line Jointed Stirrups


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Horse S Line 2 Joint Stirrups are designed for rider comfort, flexibility and impact absorption. A modern take on fillis stirrups, jointed stirrups were designed to offer amateurs and professionals alike a functional way to relieve pressure in the ankle and knee; while still providing the stability needed in the saddle. Horse S Line 2 Joint Stirrup are a well-made, economical solution when looking for a jointed stirrup. 1 pair (includes foot pads)
Available in size 4 3/4.
What Size?
A correctly fit stirrup should allow for 1/2″ gap on either side of your boot at the ball of your foot in the footbed of the stirrup. The footbed is measured in inches: too large and your foot can slide; too narrow and the foot could become lodged. Consideration of things like wider-fitting winter riding boots may call for a larger stirrup size than normal. Please note: for safety, always follow the 1/2 inch on either side rule.


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