UVEX  helmets meet the most stringent international safety standards.  Production facilities include testing centers where test helmets are  weighed, cut open and the structure of the foam is evaluated.  Every  500th helmet is taken from production and it is tested to destruction.   These advanced procedures not only ensure your safety, but also help us  develop innovations for tomorrow’s UVEX helmets.  "Always Safe, always  Uvex!!" ~Ingrid Klimke, Olympic gold medalist and Uvex athlete


Fine,  top quality genuine leather and polyurethane technical materials are  used to make UVEX equestrian gloves.  Areas which come into contact with  the reins are reinforced with a double layer.  Articulated fingers and  4-way stretch at the thumb and knuckles increase flexibility for a  perfect, low bulk fit while micro-perforations on the back offer extra  ventilation.  High class engineering for the development of  extraordinary riding gloves.


All  UVEX eyewear models in the Sports and Lifestyle collections offer a  sporty look while offering superb  100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.   Along with eye catching designs and bright colors, they are guaranteed  to appeal to any audience.  Add patented 0.1 second Variotronic lens  tinting and you can go from barn to outdoor to trailer without ever  feeling like there is an adjustment period.  "Truly an amazing pair of  sunglasses..." ~V.Schmidt


Thank you so much for making the helmet replacement process so easy!  As a parent, it is very much appreciated especially given the importance of safety equipment like a helmet.  ~Mike

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